MenloFiber to Kick Off Local Fiber Build in Belle Haven, Beginning with School

In September, 2020 MenloFiber will begin bringing ultra-fast internet to the Belle Haven neighborhood. We’ll begin by connecting Belle Haven School and will continue to deploy fiber connections to the entire community by the end of the year.


MenloFiber to Offer Free 1G Internet Service to 5% of All Homes Connected

MenloFiber is partnering with the city of Menlo Park and its school district to offer lifetime internet service to residents and students. An estimated 300 homes will be eligible for free internet service every year (~$200K+ in annual benefits).

Want to help strengthen our community?

We’re with you. When you sign up for your pre-build MenloFiber connection, you will be able to choose an option to contribute one year of free 1G internet service to support low-income families in Belle Haven. You will be helping to bridge the digital divide, at no additional cost to you!


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From free tacos and snow cones to neighborhood open houses and movie nights, we’re dedicated to making your neighborhood a nicer place to live.

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